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Feeding More Throughout

the Hudson Valley

FeedHV is a regional food rescue and harvesting network dedicated to meeting the needs of neighbors while mitigating the impacts of food waste. Through its network of donors, volunteers and agencies, FeedHV rescues viable food products and redirects them to non-profit agencies with food assistance programs throughout Dutchess, Columbia, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Sullivan and Ulster counties. The Hudson Valley is a patchwork of cities, hamlets and villages, all with their own special flavor and needs. The FeedHV network connects these communities through its food rescue program and as a result, feeds more throughout the Valley.


Through its web-based and mobile application powered by ChowMatch, FeedHV links food donors of prepared but unserved food and fresh produce (including farms, restaurants, catering services, grocery stores, hospitals, universities, corporations and more) to nonprofit organizations with food assistance programs (such as food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters) through the efforts of a network of volunteers who transport, harvest and process donated food. Through ChowMatch, FeedHV enhances and streamlines the good work of businesses, agencies, and organizations already doing food recovery work.

How the FeedHV Network Works

Donors, volunteers and agencies sign up to participate by registering with ChowMatch, and download the app. Downloading ChowMatch is easy, and the app is navigation is straightforward.

When a donation is available, the ChowMatch software matches the donor with a recipient agency, based upon the need the agency has previously indicated.

Volunteers in the vicinity are immediately notified of need for a food run and details via the app.The volunteer then transports the donation to the receiving agency following food safely guidelines.

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The FeedHV Community Network

Lead Organization
  • Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation (HVADC) administers the FeedHV program. It is the region’s sole economic development agency with a specific focus on the viability of the agricultural economy in the Hudson Valley. HVADC assists both new and existing agri-businesses such as farms, food businesses and food distributors, by providing technical and business consultation and resources. The non-profit promotes balanced, market-based solutions that lead to enhanced agricultural entrepreneurship, rural economic growth and community enhancement.

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Funding Partners
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