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FAQ for Volunteers

How can volunteers best prepare for a pick-up?

Familiarize yourself with our Food Safety Guidelines. Beyond that, there are some practical tips that may help you prepare and streamline your time transporting food.

  • Make use of GPS, google maps or other guidance devices. This will expedite your travel time, and ensure timely pick-ups and delivery.

  • Confirm availability with the food donor and recipient 15 – 30 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. This will help identify any additional needs (Will they offer a cart? Do you need help bringing food to/from your car?)

  • Consider lining the area of your vehicle that you plan to put food in. This can prevent damage that may happen from spills. Waterproof weather mats, shower curtains or plastic bins that accommodate catering trays of 12.5” by 20” are ideal.

  • Keep hand wipes, masks (as applicable) disposable gloves and paper towels in the vehicle can also minimize potential messes.

  • Bring boxes, plastic tubs, and coolers to transport the food when needed.

  • Bring your phone or camera. Take pictures and email them to so they can be added to social media.

How are volunteers matched to donors and recipients?

The ChowMatch app will automatically link a donation to one of the recipient organizations. All volunteers within a given proximity will then receive an email request including the time frame, location and special handling instructions. The first volunteer to accept the pick-up will get it; and all parties will be notified with details and contact information. If you want to coordinate with a specific group (such as the Farm to Food Pantry Project) or recipient organization, you can speak directly with them and coordinate through a FeedHV Coordinator. Email

What is expected after the food has been dropped off?

Please remember to use your ChowMatch app to let us know that you have completed a food run. It’s just one click away! And, if you were able to take any photos, to send them to No further obligations or expectations – only our thanks for doing your part to feed the Hudson Valley!

Please refer to the FeedHV Photo Guidelines for helpful tips

What do I need to know about field harvesting?

Harvesting directly from a farmer’s field is an opportunity to help make a donation possible. Not only is this a vital service, but an agreement of good faith to respect the farmer’s land and growth. FeedHV asks that volunteers be considerate and cooperative, from scheduling harvesting, to gathering food and taking it away. Harvesting may take more time than a typical food run, so please schedule and plan accordingly.

What should you do if you cannot make a food run you have signed up for?

If you cannot do a food run you have signed up for, please cancel contact a FeedHV administrator as quickly as you can so other arrangements may be made, and the run is not missed. You can email the FeedHV administrators at or call 518-432-5360 x 402.  

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