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Receiving Agency

How the FeedHV Network Will Work for You

  • Create a profile for your organization on ChowMatch that accurately reflects your organization’s capacity for food storage and distribution, operating hours and other details. Food matches are made based on your profile data provided, so the accuracy of this information is vital.

  • Designate a contact person within your organization who can respond to food matches and serve as a point person for coordination with food transport volunteers.

  • You will receive notifications of matching food donations in your area. When a volunteer agrees to transport the donation, your contact person will receive a second notification confirming delivery details and contact information for the volunteer.

  • Assign a staff member to receive the food donation on delivery day. When the volunteer arrives, confirm the contents of the delivery and then log into the app and electronically confirm the delivery.

  • After receiving the food, provide feedback and photos on the experience.

Review our Frequently Asked Questions and Food Safety pages for more information.

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