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Become a FeedHV Food Donor

Who Can Contribute?

Farmers, food establishments like restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and caterers; corporate dining rooms, wholesalers, manufacturers, event venues, hotels, camps, school districts, local fairs and events, and institutions such as hospitals and universities.

What Types of Food are Accepted?

Produce (fruits and vegetables), prepared but unserved foods and canned and dry goods. These items are high priority for recipient nonprofits and are relatively safe for volunteers to transport.

How Much Food Should We Donate?

As much as you can! Please consider donating at least 10 servings as a minimum metric. If your donation is less, freeze and aggregate it until that threshold is reached. While there is no maximum for deliveries, please include the amount in your pick-up instructions, especially if it a large donation, so that FeedHV may direct to multiple agencies based upon need, or it may be directed to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley. If you have a particularly large donation, or need assistance delivering it to a particular designated agency or agencies, please contact

Items that Cannot Be Accepted

  • Food prepared in home kitchens. All food must come from a regulated or licensed food business or farm.

  • Prepared foods not properly stored, previously served, or not packaged for delivery.

  • Fresh meat, seafood or game or unpasteurized milk/products.


Why Participate?

When you donate excess food, you are directly helping hungry people and mitigating the environmental impact and expense of throwing out edible food. Donations are tax-deductible and farmers can receive federal tax credit for donations. In addition, recent legislation has made it possible for farmers to receive tax benefits for their contributions. Consult your tax adviser in applying the appropriate deduction.

How a Donation Works

  • Donor schedules a pick-up through the ChowMatch app.

  • The donor provides information about the type of food being donated and the logistics – location, hours open, any special access information, etc.

  • The donation is automatically matched with a recipient organization through ChowMatch.

  • When a match is confirmed, to donor is notified by email.

  • The donor labels the food donations using the FeedHV downloadable Donation Labels

  • FeedHV volunteer food transporters are alerted to the opportunity to pick up via email.

  • Once a volunteer transporter is confirmed, the donor receives a second email containing pick-up details and the volunteer’s contact information.

  • At the agreed upon time, the donation is picked up and delivered to the recipient organization. Donors: if you happen to have the chance – take a photo of the donation and volunteer and email to Thank you!

  • After the pick-up is complete, we ask that donors provide feedback on their experience.


Thank you for considering a food donation through FeedHV. Please also review our Frequently Asked Questions and Food Safety pages for more information. You can also find helpful tips and resources here

Watch this helpful video for FeedHV Donors


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