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Davoren Farm, Garrison, NY

Stacey Farley and her husband Peter Davoren steward eight acres of farmland in Garrison, NY. Their organic farm grows sweet corn, sunflowers and a wide variety of vegetables; everything from tomatoes, basil, squash, arugula, and kale to peppers, potatoes, onions, eggplant, sweet potatoes and more. Their family farm’s mission is to grow food for food pantries and farmers as well. They hire one full-time farmer, and during the height of the season, Davoren Farm relies on college students and volunteers for additional help. They have pop-up farm stands on occasional weekends, with proceeds going to local food pantries. Prior to the pandemic, Davoren Farm sold its produce to restaurants and through its pop-up farm stands. Then in 2020, when restaurants began to struggle and people found themselves in lockdown due to Covid-19, Farley and Davoren began donating to food pantries as well as area restaurants. When hungry people started lining up outside Fred’s Pantry in Peekskill, they gladly pitched in and donated produce. Davoren Farm became a FeedHV donor in July 2022 and has already contributed over 2,000 pounds of food on 11 runs to Fareground.

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