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Great Cape Baking Company, Amenia, NY

Great Cape Baking Company, located in Amenia, offers fresh baked goods, a coffee bar, breakfast sandwiches, lunch options, quiches and meat pies. The bakery café also hosts a selection of locally made food products and gifts. Utilizing the finest ingredients available and sourcing from local farms as much as possible, they take pride in baking all of their goods from scratch. Great Cape Baking is one of FeedHV’s only year-round donors, having contributed over 7,600 pounds through over 150 runs since joining in April 2020. When faced with the heightened need caused by the pandemic, as well as other regional challenges that have increased food scarcity, these big-hearted people rose to the occasion, and have continually made a big difference. In particular, they have consistently donated 50 pound bags of flour to FeedHV partners, including Second Chance Food and Food of Life.

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