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Hudson Valley Creamery, Hudson, NY

Hudson Valley Creamery has recognized the growing food insecurity in our region and has graciously donated nearly 3,000 pounds of dairy products through FeedHV since February 2023. Located in Hudson, Hudson Valley Creamery offers a full range of specialty dairy products from their cooperative. Their fresh goat cheese is specifically geared for the consumer or institutional user. Various other cheeses and premium butters are imported from France. Their varied menu includes goat cheese logs, goat cheese crumble as well as Soignon imported cheese, which is recognized as France’s premium goat cheese. Their Capra brand is a select line of traditional goat cheeses created specifically for the food industry. For those with health concerns, it should be noted that goat cheese, also known as chevre, is a favorable option, as it contains less lactose than cow cheese. The smaller fat globules within it make it easier to digest. Goat cheese also has less calories and lower cholesterol, more calcium, potassium and Vitamin A, as well.

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