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The Locavore Market, Red Hook, NY

The Locavore Market is an upscale grocery store/cafe providing fresh produce, coffee, craft beer and other local products all sourced within 100 miles. Milk, eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, fruits and vegetables, as well as specialty items such as pasta, kombucha drinks and gelato are available for purchase. Owners Patricia Wind and Cliff Platt ardently promoted locally grown food. In 2014, they created Farms2Tables, a wholesale distribution network through which area farmers can connect with buyers via a mobile app. The Locavore Market also utilizes the ChowMatch app to ensure any surplus also stays within the community through FeedHV. As a result of their on-going efforts, one hundred and sixty pounds of food has reached those in need through three FeedHV runs since November of 2022.

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