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Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp Donation Benefits Seven Food Assistance Agencies

End of Season Surplus Rescued and Redirected in Two Day FeedHV Effort

When an unprecedented donation presented itself to FeedHV with just a couple of days’ notice, FeedHV volunteers and receiving agencies mobilized to rescue approximately 4,149 pounds of food from a new generous donor, Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp.

Located in Copake, Berkshire Hills was winding down for the season, and had surplus foods in cold storage from its traditional and culinary camps, as well as its vacation and group rentals. The multi-facetted property is primarily a co-ed Jewish sleep-away camp for children and teens 7-16. Situated on 640 secluded acres on the shores of Miller Pond, the camp was established in 1931, and in-season, houses 250 campers. Its vacation and group rentals offer cabin, and motel and dormitory style accommodations for up to 500 guests, and it also serves as an event venue.

The Berkshire Hills donation, which is the equivalent of 3,485 meals, was distributed to the Hudson City Department of Youth, Catskill Food Pantry, Willow Roots, North East Community Center, Catskill Community Fridge, Columbia County Recovery Kitchen and The Salvation Army of Hudson. The majority of the donation consisted of protein and dairy foods, with baked goods and vegetables rounding out the pallets and crates.

“The camp was a joy to work with from start to finish. They had found FeedHV through Google and told us that they are looking forward to coordinating with us next summer to help rescue even more food,” said Christopher Braccia, FeedHV Program Associate.

While most FeedHV donations can be handled by volunteers, this was larger than most, so both FeedHV volunteers and receiving agencies made pickups and pitched in on September 22 and 23. The Salvation Army of Hudson assisted in categorizing and weighing the donation.

Hudson City Department of Youth was on hand to help with loading and provided a dolly and hand truck. The Catskill Food Pantry arrived with two SUV’s and loaded up their portion of the donation themselves. Willow Roots sent a truck to pick up over 100 cases for their distributions from their Pine Plains location. North East Community Center brought their truck and filled up to transport to their Food and Supply Pantry in Millerton.

“Our partners were incredibly appreciative of the donation and the quality of the food,” reported Braccia.Every agency involved actually ended up with much more food than originally planned – even double or triple the amount they had anticipated, thanks to Berkshire’s generosity.”

Thank you Berkshire Hills for your donation! The amazing list included:

Spring Mix Vegetables

Baby Spinach

Parsley Cilantro









Feta Cheese



Organic Palm Oil



Cheddar Brick

Cheddar Shredded

American Cheese

Soy Milk

Oat Milk

Almost Milk


Apple Juice Concentrate

Tofu Bricks

Sour Cream

Whipped Cream

Whole Milk

Low Fat Milk


Cream Cheese

Potato Blintzes


Beef Brisket Pickled

Beef Shoulder Pastrami

Turkey Breast


Breast Cutlets

Roast Beef

Ground Beef

Corned Beef


Tater Tots

Chicken Cut

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Patties

Vegan Chicken

Chicken Nuggets

Muffin Butter


Beef Patties

Shoulder Roast

Pita Bread


Vegan Sausage Patties

English Muffins

Potato Pancake mix

Cinnamon rolls

Chocolate Croissant


White Bread Loaf

Multigrain Loaf

Hot Dog Buns

Hamburger Buns

Chicken Breast Slabs

Lo Mein Noodle

Texas Toast

Hot Dogs

Pizza Crust

Udon Noodle

Chocolate Chips

New Work Cake

English Muffin Bulk

Sun butter




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