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Coxsackie Area Food Pantry, Coxsackie, NY

Serving Coxsackie, West Coxsackie, Climax, Earlton, Hannacroix and New Baltimore, the food pantry, located at 117 Mansion Street  in Coxsackie, is doing all it can to help families deal with food insecurity. It provides food and supplies to over 160 families each month. 

In March 2024, Director Charlotte Carter said, “The Coxsackie Area Food Pantry is experiencing an unprecedented increase in community need. In the last two years the number of families served each month has nearly doubled, and a lot of that growth is in the past six months. The numbers of children and seniors served has nearly tripled since 2020. Many patrons tell us that they are particularly in need of meat and other proteins, which have become prohibitively expensive… The opportunity to work with the HVADC has been invaluable in helping us meet these increasing demands.”

The food pantry asks all concerned residents to pitch in so that assistance can continue for those in need during this on-going struggle.

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