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FeedHV, Fishkill Farms and Dutchess Outreach Featured on Spectrum News

A film crew from Spectrum News recently followed a FeedHV donation from start to finish. Beginning at Fishkill Farms where they filmed the farm’s agriculture team where they filmed the farm’s agriculture team harvesting produce. They then captured the process of packaging and sorting the produce donation. That day, Fishkill donated 400 pounds of organically grown fresh produce including apples, onions, three varieties of peppers, cucumbers and squash which was picked up by FeedHV volunteer Bill accompanied by FeedHV Program Associate Chris. From Fishkill Farms, the crew followed Bill to Dutchess Outreach which was the receiving agency.

Dutchess Outreach operates a food pantry that is styled as a grocery store. Their clients have use of a cart, bags or boxes and shop just as they would at a conventional grocery store. Due to this layout the fresh produce was circulating to the clients of Dutchess Outreach just minutes after the boxes were opened, and the crew got to witness the end of the circle of a FeedHV donation – and how all three key pieces of FeedHV working so well together (donors, volunteers and agencies).


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