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Meet Anthony B.

Retirement seemed to sneak up on me all at once, and I suddenly found myself wondering what I could possibly do to remain relevant. Writing was always very important to me, but I didn’t necessarily see how I could use my skills as either an editor or a writer in a way that might be of use to people in need. Over these last few years or so I’ve known a person or two along the way who struggled to make ends meet, and so when I learned about the valuable work FeedHV was doing in the Hudson Valley, I gladly volunteered my services. I’ve written profiles of a number of businesses and organizations that have appeared on the Heroes page that have rolled up their sleeves and have been instrumental in FeedHV’s on-going efforts to get food to those who simply don’t have enough to eat. Admittedly, I’ve made a small contribution, but one that I find personally rewarding just knowing that I’m helping to spread the word about this wonderful organization, as well as its generous partners who are determined to make a difference in so many lives.

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