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Red Hook Responds, Red Hook

From the co-founder, Dan Budd:

Red Hook Responds is an organization I founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Our mission is to support and enhance ongoing good in our community with a system to organize and dispatch volunteers. Although we have created various help services, from grocery and pharmacy delivery to neighborly chats, virtual tutoring and snow shoveling, our prepared meal delivery is the most intensive and resource heavy of our work. We also started a local food exchange to match farm, supplier and community donations to ourselves and regional food pantries. FeedHV has been the perfect partner to our community help system of managing food resources. We have received food from FeedHV to prepare into meals and donated foods from our meal agency back to FeedHV for other organizations supporting food security. As Red Hook Responds plans for its future we feel that our partnership with FeedHV remains as a critical solution to reducing food waste and curing hunger. Sincerely, Dan Budd, RHR Co-Founder, Volunteer Executive Director

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