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The Boys & Girls Club, Kingston, NY

The Boys & Girls Club provides a safe place that enables youth the opportunities to achieve all they desire.  Our youth don’t have the same platform as other youth in our community.  At the Boys & Girls Club we take pride in providing life changing programs that guide our youth as they progress through their journey to adulthood.  One of our major focuses is providing opportunities that our youth typically don’t have that may spark and interest or fire inside of them.  Our Kingston club was very fortunate to have developed a great relationship with FeedHV that did exactly that! The members of the Boys & Girls Club of Kingston had amazing experiences this year thanks to our new partnership with FeedHV.  The team at FeedHV has provided us with the opportunity to have fresh vegetables delivered to the club every week.  This was a major help in the start up of our Kitchen Club that provided many special opportunities.  Our Kitchen Club teaches our members how to live a healthier lifestyle and become more self-sufficient.  It also focuses on giving our youth skills that can introduce them to careers that are most available right here in Ulster County.  The addition of the FeedHV vegetable deliveries was instrumental in the learning process.  It gave us a great resource to fresh vegetables that our youth do not typically have access to.  We were able to center our meals around healthy foods.  This exposed our youth to so many vegetables and foods they have never had before. 

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