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The Catskill Food Pantry, Catskill, NY

Housed in the Historical St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Catskill, the Catskill Food Pantry serves food-insecure populations in Catskill and Greene County. Through FeedHV and the Hudson office of Etsy, the Pantry has been receiving five donations

a week of prepared and fresh foods. These are distributed to the local community and are also part of larger "grocery" donations that go out and are hand-delivered every Wednesday. Megan Henry, founder of the Catskill Food Pantry, does much more than simply receive and store these donations. Every week Megan gathers meals, ingredients and supplies for those most at risk in the community. The Catskill Food Pantry delivers these meals to those unable to reach a supermarket. Working closely with seniors and those with limited means, Megan Henry's mission is to see that each person has access to fresh food. The Catskill Food Pantry has turned its sights to guaranteeing a steady and varied supply of fresh produce. It is the hope that the Pantry may turn a now vacant grassy lot into a bounty of fresh produce for their local community. Above all, Megan Henry is most determined to see that the great changes underway in Greene County are tied with benefiting and growing the local community.

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