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Meet Arc Sullivan-Orange Counties

The Arc Sullivan-Orange County provides numerous services for people with developmental disabilities. Aside from Residential, Day habilitation and therapeutical services, they also run a very successful employment services program. This program provides a variety of options for those looking to join the work force. The Community Pre-vocational program includes training programs that teach job skills that are customized to fit a person’s desires, interests and abilities. Once the training is completed, then the search for the right employer begins.

Those include grocery stores, warehouses, industrial, cleaning and kitchen staffing. Perhaps more important, the people in the programs learn about community involvement and the importance of volunteering. Some of those include homeless centers, Meals on Wheels, senior homes, and food banks. With an increased demand for food banks in the Hudson Valley, Arc volunteers helped deliver food from local supermarkets to food banks to help feed those affected by the pandemic and help out with FeedHV runs in Kingston and Poughkeepsie. This past summer a few people volunteered at farms to help to pick, sort and box fresh vegetables.

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