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Meet Laurie W.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I began volunteering for FeedHV in November of 2019, after having some earlier experience "Rescuing Leftover Cuisine." I really missed the chance to help out in the community, after having spent 34 years in Hyde Park by teaching music at F. D. Roosevelt High School. I love meeting new people, and enjoying the chance to help people in the local area who want to donate or who could use a donation.

Everyone I have worked with, whether taking food donations from Marist or Vassar College, IBM, or other smaller businesses, has been so gracious and helpful in their generous giving.

And when I have had the honor of giving the food to Community Housing Innovations, Hudson Valley Community Center, Dutchess Outreach, Hope on a Mission, and other helping organizations, the people are very thankful and appreciative of the donations received. I suppose that I am drawn to food rescue because I know that there is enough for everyone, but there is so much waste that is tossed into the garbage. I want to do everything I can to help feed the hungry, and being a part of the FeedHV organization has helped me to do that. Thank YOU, FeedHV, for everything you do to help the food get to the people in need!

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