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Reducing Hunger

While Reducing Waste

FeedHV is The Hudson Valley’s food rescue and harvesting network dedicated to meeting the needs of neighbors while mitigating the impacts of food waste. Covering Dutchess, Columbia, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Sullivan and Ulster counties in New York, the FeedHV community aims to reduce food insecurity and food waste throughout the region. With nearly 40% of all food in the United States wasted – around 20 pounds of food per month, per person – and one in ten American’s experiencing hunger, Feed HV is one of the growing number of food networks across the country dedicated to this mission. Hunger in the Hudson Valley often goes unseen in this diverse region, and FeedHV serves to connect the donors, volunteers and agencies serving the food insecure throughout the seven counties.

FeedHV: Feeding more by preventing

perfectly good food from going to waste.

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CO2 reduced 300px.png
Feed HV Food rescued 300px.png




Pounds of

food rescued

Meals provided

to date

Metric tons of
C02 reduced

In March 2024 nine schools participated as donors, rescuing approximately 1,410 pounds of food. Thank you to the schools in Kingston, Red Hook, Beacon, Goshen, Rhinebeck, Pine Plains and Jeffersonville for your support.

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Did you know? The FeedHV network now extends into Sullivan, Greene, Putnam and Columbia counties?

Are you in the area? We are seeking more volunteers for these areas.


Across seven counties in the Hudson Valley, the FeedHV community food network includes over 300 volunteers, approximately 130 donor organizations and over 100 receiving agencies. These are some of their stories.

Food Donors

Farmers, restaurants, stores, caterers, institutions and corporations.


Harvest, transport and process food from donors

Receiving Agencies

Non-profits with food assistance programs

Good food is


Volunteer picks up the food within the given timeframe following food safety guidelines.

A Community Food Network Connected through ChowMatch: Harnessing technology to share our region’s bounty with those who need it most

three phones FeedHV.png


are mobilized

Volunteers receive notification when a donation is available for pick up, the details and specifics, and ‘claim’ the run.


receive food

Volunteer delivers food to the food assistance program at the receiving agency.

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